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Q: How does the virtual meetings or consultation work?

A: We would love to do a virtual consultation with you at your convenience, even after working hours. In this, we break down this wonderful time in your life in a few simple timeline steps; we can answer all your questions and hopefully lessen the burden of the unknown. We can then chat regarding your ideas and the flow of the day, and we can fill in and talk through the questionnaire if this makes the process easier. A detailed discussion regarding our services also takes place with this call. 

Q: What does a Virtual consultation cost?

A: The initial call is free of charge and is not a confirmation of our services but merely a get-to-know the person you are interested in assisting you with your special day.  Call it the first step to getting to know who we are.  

Q: How do I confirm your services?

A: After our virtual meeting, I assemble your complimentary wedding planning ‘starter’ pack. In this, you will have a clear, guided plan of how we will approach your wedding planning process, whereafter would require you to sign our terms and conditions and pay our deposit to make it official. 

Q: Why should we choose you as our coordinator?

A: We provide our clients with endless possibilities through ideas, careful planning, education, and top-of-the-line service in our industry. We are your right-hand ‘gal’, every step of the way. We assist and coordinate vendor meetings, phone calls, text messages, and behind-the-scenes emails with your vendors so you don’t have to think about the small details that take away from the fun of planning your special day. We have your best interests covered and adapt a transparent planning process to create the best experience possible! Our goal is to ensure you enjoy a stress-free wedding journey. 

Q: How do I communicate with you when you are officially my wedding planner?

A: Our communication is not only limited to only emails. We like to set up a What’s App group with the couple for quick and easy communications, but we follow this with formal email and personal or virtual meetings. It all depends on your preference and what would make you feel at ease. There is also no limit to how many meetings or conversations you can have with us. We are always a quick message away. 

Q: Where would we meet suppliers?

A: We usually arrange meetings for our couples, where we get to discuss the element in more detail with the chosen supplier. If you live abroad, we will set up a virtual consultation call to ensure you feel at ease with each of your chosen vendors. 

Q: How do we determine an appropriate budget for our celebration?

A: Within our initial call, we will clearly understand your needs and discuss your budget capabilities. We are transparent when discussing numbers to ensure your expectations are met during planning. The season also plays a significant role in the budget, and there are too many factors to consider to give a definitive amount. Set up a consultation call, and we will happily help you to estimate an appropriate budget for your celebration. 

Q: I have confirmed a few suppliers. Are you comfortable with working with vendors outside your preferred list?

A: Most definitely! We love working with new vendors. During the wedding process, we suggest specific vendors to the bridal couple that will suit your needs, style, and personality.

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